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In the last 5 1/2 years that I worked as assistant general manager and food and beverage director at Agave NYC the sales and revenue increased every year. During this time I also oversaw the bar program at Mojave in Astoria,NY, worked as a consultant for brands such as Casamigos and Casa Noble tequila and new restaurant bar concepts such as Cantina Rooftop and ran a successful cocktail tasting/catering business – Silverline Consulting. In fall 2015 as Creative Director I opened the The Daisy, a new tequila gastropub on the upper east side in Manhattan to many positive reviews.Most recently I was featured in Time Out NY November 2015 and The NY Daily News

As former Beverage Director of Agave NYC in New York City and Mojave in Astoria, Queens Jason Silverman has turned an already excellent tequila bar and drinks program into a very memorable and unique destination for tequila and mezcal aficionado’s.

Jay’s objective at Agave is to enrich the public knowledge and appreciation for agave spirits by offering them well made cocktails like Tequila Rum Punch ( Siete Leguas blanco tequila, Valencia orange, pineapple, & passionfruit ,bitters and Aperol ), and the Barril de la Casa with añejo tequila,apricot liqueur, sherry and habanero bitters and a selection of the best possible tequila’s and mezcal’s that can be found in New York. One example of one of Jay’s rare finds is Tears of Llorona,the extra añejo masterpiece blended by German Gonzalez in 3 different proprietary barrels.

Jay found his way to the bar from years of cooking innovative seasonal American food at Rialto in Boston, 5 star 5 diamond luxury southwestern food at KAI at Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa in Phoenix and ventured into upscale Italian fare as sous chef at Sfoglia Nantucket and Maialino in New York City.

Having spent 12 years as a professional chef in 4 star restaurants and hotels, Jay had prepared his palate to appreciate the various intricacies of the wide range of tequilas that can be found on the market. As a traveler to Jalisco and the Tequila regions of Mexico, Jay has studied firsthand the process of how tequila is made to bring that appreciation to others.

Jay started out attending the intensive Liquid Lab mixology sessions with the Liquid Chef Junior Merino and is currently working on new seasonal drinks for Agave such as the “South of the Bourbon” with apple cider reduction , allspice dram, and mezcal, “Electric Feel ” with fresh pineapple and Lavender sugar and the “Ginger Paloma” with fresh grapefruit,Aperol, and Gosling’s Ginger Beer.

Jay’s cocktails have been featured in Men’s Health, USA Today, Epicurious, Wall Street Journal, Good Day New York, and the cover of Cheers, a bar business magazine. Agave has also been rated one of the best tequila bars in the world by Spirits Business Journal in London.

In June 2011 Jay served on the judges panel at the New Mexico International Intimate Tequila Tasting Experience.During the process Jay was able to taste and rate over 75 different tequila’s and Sotol’s including the first ever Organic Tequila category ratings.The experience culminated with a cocktail demonstration in which Jay took local New Mexican chilies and combined them with Don Modesto organic Tequila and fresh Strawberries in season.The event was captured by an independent filmmaker for use in a documentary about the tequila industry.

For the past 2 years Jay has welcomed The Polished Palate to New York City to host their celebration Spirits of Mexico where master distillers, authors, tequileros, mixologists, aficionados & ambassadors from reknowned brands all met at Agave NYC to share their experience and spirits from Mexico. In Fall 2015 Jay was on the judges panel at IWSC’s Spirits Of Mexico competition.

Jay lives in New York City with his wife Jan and son’s Max and Adam and enjoys traveling,dining, and researching cocktail and cuisine.